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Explore The Gold Line – Del Mar Station

Discover the unknown of Del Mar Station as you venture off the track to find a few of Pasadena’s hidden gems.



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The Luggage Room Pizzeria

Enjoy of gourmet wood-fired pizza on your stop at the Del Mar Station. This elegant pizzeria invites you in with its crystal chandeliers, but keeps you coming back with its mouth-watering pizzas with equally as tasty toppings including roasted tomatoes, shaved fennel, lemon zest and homemade mozzarella.


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La Grande Orange Café

Kale is rising in popularity so there is no doubt you will find it on the menu at La Grande Orange Café. The shredded kale and quinoa salad is one of the best found around town. But, if you’re looking for something a little less healthy, try the tender short ribs, served on fresh, homemade tortillas, or in hash form with potatoes and two over easy eggs.



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Stone Brewing

Quench your thirst at one of Pasadena’s best-kept little secrets. Save the two-hour drive to San Diego for their notorious craft beer and get your favorite Stone Brew right here at the Del Mar Station plaza. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this nondescript location; you won’t want to miss it.



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Stats Floral Supply

Get in to any holiday spirit by visiting Stats. They carry all your decorating needs from Halloween supplies to cute Christmas snowmen. If you’re looking to outdo your neighbor this holiday season, stop in and stock up.


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Distant Lands

Before your next big adventure, find all your essentials at Distant Lands. Whether you’re trekking through the mountains, venturing abroad, or going on a weekend getaway, this travel-centric shop has everything you need from maps to clothing.


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Incycle Bicycles 

If you’re looking to burn off a couple extra calories after the holidays try going for a bike ride as an alternative to the gym. A leisurely ride around Pasadena’s Central Park on a trendy cruiser is a fun and effective activity. But, if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, Incycle also has both mountain and road bikes for the thrill seekers.



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Neon Retro Arcade

Play all your old gaming favorites likes Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong at the Neon Retro Arcade. Bring in the whole family to show them what being a kid for you was like as you relive the memories. The best part about this arcade is that it’s “free play” for just $10 per hour.

Pick Me Up


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This stop is a tea house-bakery hybrid café that serves delicious teas in many flavors. It doesn’t stop there; they also have artisan cakes and mochi bread that are simply delightful. If you’re in need for a quick energy booster, stop in for their afternoon tea (Mon.-Thurs., 1 p.m.-4 p.m.), which includes a small tea with a cake slice or two cloud pastries, sure to get the job done.

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– Caitlin Pallotta



If you’re looking to add a new kick to your diet that helps benefit your health, try adding the immunity-boosting spice, turmeric, to your drink. This deep-orange spice that is normally found in Indian cuisine has recently started appearing in steamed lattes, fresh pressed juices, and smoothies. Get your taste of the magic around town!

Eagle Rock Juice Co.

This indie juicery has been serving its signature cold-pressed, nutrient based juices for three years. All of their produce is 100 percent organic, locally grown, and /or pesticide free. Their menu features many turmeric options like The Mt. Royal, a Wellness Shot, and the New Perspective Shot.

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The recently opened Lincoln has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. Stop in and enjoy brunch along with a turmeric-laced Golden Latte! This drink option is both savory and sweet. Be sure to order it hot!

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Real Food Daily

If you’re looking for a vegan meal with a cold, tasty smoothie, Real Food Daily is the perfect stop! Order any fresh juice smoothie with your meal and add just a bit of that magic turmeric to any flavor.

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Pressed Juicery

Located in the Indian Colony, you would not want to miss out on the Pressed Juicery’s variety of juice options, including a sweet selection with turmeric. Pressed Juicery is very widely known around Southern California with more than a dozen locations throughout and is known to be delicious.

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Intelligentisa Pasadena

If you feel a cold coming on, be sure to head over to Intelligentisa Pasadena to try their signature Turmeric Tonic. This hot tea is made with turmeric root and ginger, and is sweetened with star anise and throat-soothing licorice. The drink is what you have to thank once your cold is cleared up.

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Whole Foods Market

While shopping at your local organic market, be sure to stop by their Juice Bar. Order the turmeric juice shot for a wake up call while shopping. If you’re not in the mood for that bitter flavor, add the turmeric to a juice for a sweeter flavor!

Café Gratitude

This vegan eatery was the first place to start the turmeric drink trend in Southern California! If you’re feeling brave, be sure to announce “I am Brave” when trying The Brave at Café Gratitude. The Brave is an immunity-booster tonic with turmeric, ginger, oil of oregano and a kick of cayenne pepper. If you’re feeling golden be sure to order The Golden, which has steamed almond milk mixed with turmeric and a bit of honey.

The Punch Bowl

This healthy, organic stop is home of The Golden Idol. This shake is an addictive, but delicious, blend of turmeric, mango, coconut butter, coconut nectar, coconut water, and lime that is lightly spiced with cayenne. The menu features other turmeric-laced options, but The Golden Idol is a favorite among the regulars.

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-Caitlin Pallotta