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Explore The Gold Line – South Pasadena Station

Steps from the South Pasadena Metro Station, Mission Street is your go-to for unique boutiques and mom and pop establishments.



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If you’re looking for some place to take that special someone this holiday season, Crossings is the place to go. This upscale eatery provides endless hospitality, delicious flavors, and artful displays that are sure to keep you wanting more.


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Mike & Anne’s

The delicious food at this stop is worth the wait for a table on the picturesque patio or inside their elegant interior. If you’re looking for something meaty try the juicy Angus beef burger or hearty mushroom risotto. They also have fresh tuna poke or the Mission Street Caesar salad for those looking for a lighter option. Enjoy these delicious entrees with a glass or two of your favorite wine.



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 Mix N’ Munch

Feed your junk food craving at this family-run local favorite. Customize comfort food classics, including their popular Breakfast Sammy, a cheesy cheddar delight with bacon, tater tots, and a fried egg, with over 25 mix-in choices. Mix N’ Munch is the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy – or if you’re an adult just craving your favorite childhood food.

Pick Me Up


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This hipster-esque café will leave you satisfied and caffeinated as you explore everything South Pasadena has to offer. The cozy and welcoming environment the staff creates has kept this classic coffee shop in business for 30 years. The best part about Buster’s? Their coffee is roasted in-house for each of their drinks. Don’t forget to indulge in a tasty banana split with all the fixings along with your latte.


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Mission Wines 

Stocked with some of the finest wines around, along with a rotating selection of craft beer on tap, Mission Wines will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. If you’re on a budget, they even offer a “10 and under” selection. If you’re not 100% sure on a bottle, head up to the tasting bar to sample wines before fully committing.



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 Mission Tile West

 Look no further when it comes to redecorating your space from floor to ceiling or for just adding a few ceramic details to a boring room. Mission Tile West has finely crafted ceramics in many styles, including whimsical and sophisticated. The design experts are there to help give you advice and opinions while providing outstanding customer service.


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 Vave Studios

This hybrid floral design and boutique shop is sure to keep you coming back for its many charming vintage and handmade goods. Stop in to browse through the soothing scented candles, soft robes, bath essentials and quaint signs for a little homey touch to any place you go. The creative owner duo even offers a variety of workshops and events to engage the community, like “Wine and Cheese Shopping Night” and “Flowers and Wine.”


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Trina Turk

If you’re looking for something bright, funky, and fabulous Trina Turk is a must go to. This boutique carries everything from silky caftans and eye-catching swimsuits to flashy gold jewelry fit for any occasion. Before any vacation or beach trip be sure to stop in to Trina Turk.

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-Caitlin Pallotta


Fall Tips For The Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Making the perfect cup of coffee just like your favorite barista has always been led us to an unanswerable question. But fear not, we have gone to the U.S. Brewer’s Cup winner, Sarah Anderson, to find out the right tool to brew your coffee. Sarah explains there are many ways to brew coffee from percolators, vacuum pots and coffee-cones for a pour over method. But, Anderson’s preferred method is French press if she is going to be adding milk and sugar to her cup.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

But, it’s not only in the way you brew the coffee, but it also comes down to the coffee beans that you use. Different regions have different flavors of coffee and acidity level. African coffees tend to be lighter in flavor and have a citric acidity to them, whereas Central and South American coffees tend to have cherry and chocolate flavors and are mellow in acidity.

Photos courtesy of Google Images
Photos courtesy of Google Images

Another tip you need to take into consideration when brewing the perfect cup is the grind of the coffee. Too fine of a grind can cause the coffee to taste bitter and too coarse of a ground can taste to sour. The best way to find the right flavor is to play with the grinds and find what best suites your palate.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Last, but not least, the water. It’s something that most of us tend to take for granted when it comes to brewing the perfect cup. But, living in the Los Angeles area, the water is hard water, which means that there are minerals and when brewing the coffee those minerals get mixed in to the flavor of the coffee and alter it by the time its ready to be consumed.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Intelligentsia, as well as most coffee shops nowadays, sells filtered water. So for the coffee aficionados making a usual trip  to your regular coffee spot, don’t forget to grab a bottle of filtered water to be able to make that perfect cup at home.

–Michele Franco